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How 3m sun control film can protect you and your car’s interior and its benefits

Pakistani summers are a nightmare and last for most of the year. At this time, the primary issue lies not with the temperatures alone, but with the fact that the scorching sun makes things unbearable. In this situation, one of the biggest hassles is for people who have their cars parked under the sun for long periods of time. Long hours of exposure to sunlight can damage the vehicle’s interior, it can cause excessive heat to build up inside and can also damage any items present within the car as well. However, not everyone may have access to covered parking, which leaves a lot of people under a lot of stress. However, there are solutions to these problems, the simplest one being 3M’s sun control window films.

Sun control films are basically thin sheets that can be applied to the windows of your car. There are numerous sun control films available but it is extremely important to see whether or not these truly are what they claim to be not every film applied to windows is a sun control film. 3M manufactures some of the best films in this category that provide a multitude of benefits to the users.

For starters, they’re different from dark-tinted films. They don’t block out the sunlight- they reduce the harmful intensity. Your car’s aesthetics are easily protected since they allow natural light to flow in, instead of blocking it out completely and making the inside of your car look dull and murky.

These films provide up to 97% rejection of infrared light, making them useful for energy saving, and enhanced protection and comfort. With infrared light reduced in the car, your car’s AC will be able to work much better owing to the reduction of pressure on the system. Of course, this will then make the car a much more comfortable space and the damage that infrared light inflicts on the car’s interior will be minimized. Furthermore, it also significantly reduces UV rays which can cause the seats and interior of the car to fade. With control on UV Rays, your car will now be a lot more protected.

These films have a low interior and exterior reflectivity which means that you won’t feel trapped and claustrophobic in the car while at the same time, from the outside, the car will give off a very elegant look and will provide you with the privacy you desire. This is again because of the fact that these are not merely tinted films; they’re specially engineered films to enhance comfort and protection.

These sheets are therefore ideal for practically every car owner in Pakistan. What’s even better is that within 6 months, their carbon footprint is nullified, making them sustainable and environmentally friendly. They are also resistant to corrosion which means they will easily last a long time. 3M gives a warranty as well, so if you feel that there are any post-application problems, you can always claim a change or refund. The benefits truly outweigh the costs of these sheets, making them ideal for you to use.

How heat control window films can be beneficial for the people in Pakistan

The summer in Pakistan is unforgiving and for those of us who have to hit the road in the hot afternoons, our cars can sometimes be no less than torture cells despite the good air conditioning. So what does one do to make their cars more comfortable in these hot times? The answer is simple- heat control window films for cars. The benefits of these tints are many, however, their heat control element is what takes the limelight. Let’s explore how heat control tints can help car owners in Pakistan.

They block harmful UV Rays

Did you know that even when it’s cloudy outside, we are still being attacked by harmful UV rays? We wear sunscreen to help protect us from UV rays, but what other measures can be taken? Science has proven that UV rays can be so strong that it is advisable to wear sunscreen even when we are indoors. Now just imagine the exposure you get from such harmful rays in your car, which is exposed to the sun from all sides. Heat control window films ensure that you get maximum protection from such rays, making sure that you are safe from all sorts of illnesses including skin cancer.

They keep your AC safe

Air conditioning units in cars often stop performing well in extremely hot temperatures and the pressure that is put on them eventually harms them, often causing permanent damage. However, if your car has heat control window films, they can help take the load off the air conditioning unit of the car which results in you saving a lot on maintenance and repair costs of these AC units. Of course, these films also make sure that the temperature of your car is kept at a nice, comfortable level.

They help with solar heat rejection

As mentioned above, these heat control window films can be very helpful in making sure that almost 35-65 percent of the solar heat build-up in your car is reduced. Depending on the quality of the film used, you can make sure that when you unlock your car after it has been parked out in the sun on a long day, you won’t be walking into an oven. This reduction of heat build-up is better for your health too. Most of the time, we sit in our extremely hot cars, and it takes some time for the air conditioning to work, exposing us to temperatures not suitable for the human body. By investing in heat control films, you’ll make sure that your body isn’t exposed to these temperatures.

Of course, there are a lot of other benefits of car window films apart from their heat control element. They can provide your car’s windows with anti-shatter properties meaning that god forbid if one gets into an accident, the glass won’t shatter upon impact, thus protecting the passengers from glass injuries. They can also help control the glare that may be created by lights and the sun, which at times can be very distracting for the driver. It is, therefore, very wise to invest in such films for your car.

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