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Meguiar’s being over a century old has created care products for every automotive surface. Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze polishes and waxes have spellbound the car care community over the years. To date, Meguiar’s has formulated specialized products reaching any kind of crazy requirements by professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Meguiar’s have over 200 products which are found in almost every part of the world now.

Meguiar’s has complete solutions for the restoration, finishing and protection of your car’s exterior:
  • Car paint correction, finishing, protection, and maintenance solutions.
  • Decontamination products for wheels, trims, paint, glass, and tire.
  • A separate range of exterior care products for professionals and hobbyists.

Meguiar’s has complete solutions for the restoration, finishing, and protection of your car’s interior:
  • Leather cleaning and conditioning.
  • Plastic trims rejuvenation and protection.
  • Complete range of car’s interior cleaning and finishing products.

Meguiar’s has always taken care of the needs of professional car detailers and has developed special tools for ease of work.
  • Specialized polishing pads compatible with a variety of machine models.
  • High-performance polishing pads for achieving the perfect finish.
  • Microfibers, dispensers, applicators and so much more.

Meguiar’s Pakistan

Protek Devices holds the official distribution of Meguiar’s car care products in Pakistan.

In 2012, Protek Devices acquired distribution rights to Meguiar’s for Pakistan. Ever since then, Protek Devices has relentlessly established its roots in Pakistan. And now, Meguiar’s has a huge following and is available in all major cities of Pakistan. 

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Saad Khan

Saad Khan

SRDW Lahore

We have always preferred 3M for our architectural projects due to its reliability and performance.

We have worked with Protek Devices at Nishat Offices, MCB, Sapphire Malls, BeaconHouse Schools, Nishat Linen & Inglot outlets. Currently installing the 1st GCC sliding & stacking system at the Hyundai Showrooms. I would recommend Protek Devices for reliable & High-Quality hardware solutions.

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