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Glass Films from 3M & Reflectiv.

Modern building designs look elegant because it consists of almost full glass on the outer part. Naturally, the glass has the property to let pass through the light, solar radiation, infrared, and UV rays. The aftermath of untreated glass has many effects like;

  • Discoloration of furniture
  • High risk of skin cancer
  • Excessive electricity bills
  • Uncomfortable environment

The excessive presence of glass on a building makes it get unnecessarily warmer, resulting in increased energy consumption required for cooling. In this situation, glass window films can help stop unwanted harmful solar rays from entering the building. These plastic-like transparent films stick with the glass becoming a layer of protective shield against solar radiation.

So when the glass films are in place, the building gets less exposed to heat, making the building energy-efficient and comfortable for the occupants.

Decorative Glass Films.

Enhances glass & protects your privacy.

Decorative and privacy films play a vital role in corporate buildings. Most of the time, the transparency and clarity of glass make it completely invisible to the eyes. There is always a hazard of bumping into the glass. Decorative glass films can eliminate any unwanted accident. Limitless design options for decorative films could be opted as per the style of your interior. Furthermore, privacy films can be applied to avoid prying eyes.

Frosted glass films are applied to partially or completely hide the view while letting the light to pass through.

With over 100 patterns to choose from in the decorative glass films range, several geometric patterns, linework and opened work panels could be applied to match the style of your interior.

Heat resistive glass films are a perfect solution to keeping the building interior cool without the much need for air conditioning.

UV resistive glass films block harmful solar rays that protect your assets from fading away.

16 shades of colored glass films that maintain transparency and brightness.

Further range of opaque, and one-way mirrors could be installed on the building front for achieving a one-sided view.

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Saad Khan

Saad Khan

SRDW Lahore

We have always preferred 3M for our architectural projects due to its reliability and performance.

We have worked with Protek Devices at Nishat Offices, MCB, Sapphire Malls, BeaconHouse Schools, Nishat Linen & Inglot outlets. Currently installing the 1st GCC sliding & stacking system at the Hyundai Showrooms. I would recommend Protek Devices for reliable & High-Quality hardware solutions.

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