Automotive Window Films

Why Window Films are Important?

Benefits of Window Films.

Stay Cool

Limited Lifetime Warranty

See Clearly & Safely

Stay Connected

Reduce Glare

Superior UV Protection

Make your car stylish, secure & comfortable

Window Films by 3M™

Window films give so many advantages and enhancements to automotive glass windows. From heat control to stylish-looking tints, from anti-shatter to preventing burglary. 3M window films make your car more comfortable to drive, add safety and style.

3M Crystalline inside View
Image of Refletiv's Photochromatic Car FIlm
Window Tints in Vibrant Colors

Window Films by Reflectiv

Reflectiv offers solar protection window films, tints for privacy, and fancy colored films for automotive. Window films allow you to protect yourself from prying eyes and the harmful Suns’ UV rays. Your comfort and security are ensured while you drive around.

How it works

Proven Process



We take notes of your requirements and decide the VLT configuration for your car windows.



After the quotation gets approved, a booking time and day are scheduled for installation.



Your vehicle arrived at the studio to get the window films installed as per standard procedures.


Quality Check

Once the window films get installed, a quality check inspection takes place for any errors.

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    Saad Khan

    Saad Khan

    SRDW Lahore

    We have always preferred 3M for our architectural projects due to its reliability and performance.

    We have worked with Protek Devices at Nishat Offices, MCB, Sapphire Malls, BeaconHouse Schools, Nishat Linen & Inglot outlets. Currently installing the 1st GCC sliding & stacking system at the Hyundai Showrooms. I would recommend Protek Devices for reliable & High-Quality hardware solutions.

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