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Protek Devices caters its Corporate Solutions to Architects, Building Owners, Health Safety Departments, Security Managers, and Architectural Contractors.

Solutions that help make buildings Safer, Secured, more productive, and aesthetically pleasing.

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Why Need Glass Solutions?

Glass is an important element of automotive and architecture. Its brittle nature makes it dangerous.

The rise in temperature and global warming has lead to an increased usage of electrical cooling appliances; hence more CO2 emissions and increased monthly bills. While excess exposure to sunlight damages human skin and home assets.

Increased security threats and natural disasters are a constant alarm for your lifestyle.

Specialized Glass Films

Glass Films

Glass is plentifully seen everywhere around us, on buildings, homes, cars, restaurants, malls, items of furniture, and more.

Since it has a brittle nature and is transparent; it allows light to pass but also unwanted harmful UV rays and infrared radiation that is dangerous for human health and physical assets.

Protek Devices is the only specialized glass solutions provider in Pakistan that truly has 100% quick fixes to problems that come with glass. Thanks to world-class innovators 3M and reflectiv.

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Image of 3M's Night Vision Window FIlm Installed in an office
Image of GCC ODC 960 installed in an office
Glass Accessories

Glass Hardware

GCC is known as Good Credit Corporation, is a Taiwan-based company that is one of the largest glass accessories manufacturers in the world.

Since 1981 it has been developing durable and high-quality glass accessories for swinging and sliding doors, windows, showers, office partitions, automatic sliding door systems, bi-folding door systems, door fittings, and more.

Protek Devices holds the distribution of GCC Architectural Glass fittings in Pakistan.

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Matting & Traction

The 3M™ Nomad™ Entrance Floor Matting System can stop dirt and moisture that carries along the underside of your shoes, helping keep floors clean throughout your home/building.

When using a matting system, the result is cleaner-looking floors that are easier to maintain and safer for building occupants.

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