Reflectiv® Window Films.

European leader in adhesive film for windows.

With over 40 years of experience and expertise in developing decorative window films, Reflectiv offers guaranteed quality at competitive prices. Now with a variety of over 100 different films for various projects.

As per constantly changing market trends, new films are being developed regularly to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

Reflectiv has a dedicated design studio that creates decorative film designs as per the latest trends in architecture design:
  • Frosted glass films partially hide the view for privacy protection.
  • Design pattern glass films suitable for your interior design project.
  • Color and mirror films for enhancing the looks of buildings and the interior.

Reflectiv has found out ways to cut manufacturing costs yet not compromising the quality, this means affordable window films for all:
  • Reflectiv heat-resistant glass films block unwanted heat during summers.
  • Reflectiv solar glass films block harmful UV rays to protect your skin and assets.
  • Reflectiv glass films reject infrared radiation.

A film that increases glass strength and prevents shattering in accidental cases.
  • Reflectiv security film increases the strength of glass to stop burglary.
  • Security glass films are transparent and do not block the view.
  • Reflectiv security film prevents the glass from shattering into shards.

Reflectiv® Pakistan

Protek Devices holds the official distribution of Reflectiv® products and solutions in Pakistan.

We realized about the economical solution was required for the architectural design industry. So we introduced Europe’s top brand Reflectiv®. Architects of Pakistan now prefer decorative films offered by Reflectiv due to its innovative solutions suiting the needs of demanding customers.

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Saad Khan

Saad Khan

SRDW Lahore

We have always preferred 3M for our architectural projects due to its reliability and performance.

We have worked with Protek Devices at Nishat Offices, MCB, Sapphire Malls, BeaconHouse Schools, Nishat Linen & Inglot outlets. Currently installing the 1st GCC sliding & stacking system at the Hyundai Showrooms. I would recommend Protek Devices for reliable & High-Quality hardware solutions.

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