Paint Protection Film

why your car paint need protection?

Advantages of PPF (Paint Protection Film).

Preserves Paint

Enhances Gloss & Shine

Increases Resale Value

Invisible Protection


Easy Maintenance

Real Paint Protection against scratches

PPF by Xpel.

Xpel is one of the most advanced manufacturers of paint protection films in America. It offers you the protection your car need for exterior and interior surfaces. The PPF is virtually invisible and protects from everyday damages that include scuffs, scratches, chips, and corrosion.

Image of Audi E tron With XPEL's Ultimate Plus PPF
Diagram of GYEON's PPF
scratches? no worries with a seal healing PPF


Gyeon has recently developed its paint protection films, offering the ultimate protection of your car against physical damage matched with outstanding water repellency, self-healing properties, and deep dazzling shine and gloss. Long are gone those worries about someone scratching away your car on the road.

How it works

Proven Process



We discuss your requirements over the phone and decide the type of PPF suitable for your car.



We calculate the total cost based on the covered area and provide a booking date for the scheduled installation of PPF.



Your car goes through the detailing process for the installation of paint protection film.


Quality Control

To achieve the highest quality standards, every piece of detail goes through our strict inspection checks.

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    Saad Khan

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    We have always preferred 3M for our architectural projects due to its reliability and performance.

    We have worked with Protek Devices at Nishat Offices, MCB, Sapphire Malls, BeaconHouse Schools, Nishat Linen & Inglot outlets. Currently installing the 1st GCC sliding & stacking system at the Hyundai Showrooms. I would recommend Protek Devices for reliable & High-Quality hardware solutions.

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