3M SH14CLARL Scotchshield

Improves personal and asset protection from terrorist attacks, blasts, hurricanes, accidents, and earthquakes. Increases personal safety from flying glass. Deters smash and grab burglaries. Reduces fading and helps protect furnishings. Clear antishatter glass film for unprecedented strength with film thickness 0.35 mm (14 mils). Unique micro-thin, multiple layer polyester film construction creates penetration and tear-resistant. Deters intruders and protects the property against theft and vandalism. The ultraviolet barrier stops 99% safety glazing ANSI z97.1.400 ft/lbs. CPSC category ii 400 ft/lbs. Tensile strength 25,000 psi. Break strength 350 lbs. Large scale explosive open-air test as per GSA security criteria at 4 psi blast load _ level 3

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14 mils

Tensile strength

25,000 psi

Break strength

350 lbs.

UV Rejection


IR Rejection


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